Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Short Venus Factor Review

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of weight loss programs all over the internet, television and newspaper. There are some new coming up every single day, but are they really worthy of your time? Some of the programs are designed for men, some for women, some are trying to find a compromise between both. Read on my Venus Factor Review and find out more.

So What's So Special About Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is designed especially for woman, even more than the regular weight loss products designed for women. Women need special attention, especially those after a child or two. Taking care of home, cleaning, washing, cooking, taking care of kids, how the hell are they supposed to find time for something as a weight loss and not mentioning a diet.

All this just contributes to weight gaining. All this stress is making all the weight loss attempts almost impossible. And then there will come a day, when we give up on any attempt to do something with our looks and health. And that's not good at all. So let's see what info I can give you in this Venus Factor Review.

Who Created The Venus Factor?

Venus Factor is an all natural weight loss program written by John Barban. John Barban is an biology and nutrition expert. He designed The Venus Factor exclusively for women. And not for women generally but for each and single one. How? Read on.

John Barban has worked a lot for these big weight loss supplements companies which I am not going to mention. He also worked as a fitness coach and a nutritionist. He came up with this amazing solution of how to get rid of our unwanted weight once and for all.

After the children, the woman body changes... and it changes a lot. Trying to lose weight after child or children may look like a fight with wind mills. Almost impossible. But this is definitely not the case, at least not with The Venus Factor.

Sometimes it looks like our bodies don't want us to look good. The fat stores in our hips, in our bums, in our thighs and makes us look terribly disproportionally. What Venus Factor does is, that it will return that beautiful feminine our glass look to your body.

What Does Venus Factor Include?

Venus Factor has multiple parts. There's this primary diet manual book, which would be enough by itself considering the price, trust me. Then there's this absolutely amazing 12 week workout program, which also includes bonuses in form of tutorial videos. All these exercises can be done at home, so you don't have to worry about going to gym, cause I've always been shy when I had to go to gym.

Then there's this digital nutritionist. What it does is basically calculating calorie and protein contained in your food, so you don't have to waste time by doing this all by yourself. Then there's this great "Venus Community". That's basically a kind of social network for members only, so for everyone who bought Venus Factor and here you can talk with other women, find friends, motivate each other, pretty much anything you want, so you don't have to feel alone while going through The Venus Factor program.

How Can Venus Factor Help Me?

Venus Factor shapes your body in 2 phases. It tries to shape your muscles and also burning fat. And don't worry you won't look like a bodybuilder, not at all. The entire workout plan takes 12 weeks to finish and consists of 3 individual phases. Each of these phases focuses on something else.

The Venus Factor will calculate you your so called Venus Index, which is something similar to weight index that you may know. It basically tells you on which of your body parts you should work more and also calculates your calorie income. It's actually pretty easy because you don't have to bother yourself with calculations and so on. You just have to eat what you are supposed to and do workouts.

And What If It Won't Work?

In case the Venus Factor won't work for you for some miraculous reason, then there's a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. So if you won't like the program, just ask for a refund and that's all you have to do.

Thank you for reading my Venus Factor review and give it a shot, it worked for me, so it has to work for you too.